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I was on my back to the Valley from the lookout at Mullholland and when I rolled up on this, short part of this I just rolled up to the crash of a Lefty Lucile in the minvan who made a left turn in-front of a motorbike.

Thankfully there was a USC medic on the spot who was administering CPR, the bike rider was at one point DOA but thanks to the medic from USC he saved the day, additionally I was on the phone with 911 requesting a medivac to the nearest hospital for the bike rider, the people at 911 were not making the call to call in a medivac after repeated phone calls of me flipping out to get this bike rider air lifted, thankfully the doctor from USC and my repeated calls to get the motor bike rider airlifted to UCLA worked out the rider was stable when they took him by medivac.

I didn't want to take a photo of the driver of the minivan as she did nothing to help the motorbike rider who was down on the ground bleeding. How can someone be such a peice of **** like that ?????????????

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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