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MY GT-R getting a few goodies now

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I took delivery of my B/E GT-R last weekend and now it is at my shop getting some work done. I waited six months for my GT-R what is another few days. I have 3 M clear bra, crystalline 50% tint with a TSER of 56%( major heat deduction) . Last I have the Beltronics STiR Plus and Laser Interceptor quads being installed ( I feel this is the best set up out there now). For the clear bra I went front bumpers, full hood, fender wings, rocker panels, shark fin and the little strip inside the rear wheelwells. BTW I sent another forum member who has his GT-R in the shop now too . If anyone needs a detail / clear bra shop in the metro NY area , just PM me.
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That other GTR would be me, and i also highly recommend this shop. Super clean facility, cool people, and very high quality work. Plus im super impressed with the high caliber cars that get work done there. I cant wait till my clear bra is done

And i gotta give thanks to Zero2Sixty for hooking me up with a huge discount. Thanks man!
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oh nice!

i just had the rocker panels added to my clear bra on my car.... you cant even see its there and it goes all the way back to the rear.....
Yep, the rocker panels are a must. I think I might have overdone the clear bra by doing the shark fin in the rears. I even did the little strip in the wheelwell. With a white car I worry about the dirt build up on the seems of the clear bra, kinda looks like a black line on the edge.
you should have just clear-bra-d the whole car :D
you should have just clear-bra-d the whole car :D
Don't laugh, I thought about clear bra on the entire car.
Hehe, me too.
Then decided to do full hood mirrors and panels. If I get bored with black, will do a wrap. Some of those wraps look amazing!
Please pm me a price. I am located in NJ. Also name and location of facility.

Thanks in advance
PM sent.
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