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I've been down since October 12 with on going issues where the I'd get limp mode and the computer takes over with even gears only and no reverse. Most of that time was lost going back and forth with Nissan dealer here in Australia. In the end I decided to go to Willall for help - 800km from where I live.

Anyways, I've had the three sensors replaced, VB cleaned, all solenoids individually checked, piston caps installed with gear stoppers from Willall, one piston magnet strip replaced as it was faulty. This fixed up my error code P2848. Drove it for 200-300km and same code came back and a new one popped up P17c5.

The shop diagnosed further and by replacing my VB with MY12 the errors went away and problem resolved. The tech concluded that the VB needs to be replaced. Alternatively he could swap out the rest of the piston magnets from a faulty VB but there's no guarantee that would fix the problem.

Anyone know where I can get a VB from?

Car is ADM2009 which is equivalent to US 2010.

Thanks heaps for any pointer - Vu
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