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Effective immediately, all GT-R listings posted to this section require staff approval.

The requirements for listing approval can be found in the section rules at the following link or posted below:
It is mandatory that you read and abide by those rules.

Failure to follow the rules will, at best, mean that your listing will not be approved to be posted.

I recommend you also read the post below this one.


GT-R Life is focused first and foremost on the GT-R ownership experience and we wish to maintain a high quality environment.

Therefore we have instituted a series of rules & criteria that must be met in order to offer a GT-R for sale on our forums

*All threads and posts regarding GT-Rs for sale on this owners club are explicitly subject to Admin and Mod approval*

Sellers - For the listing to be approved, the following requirements MUST be met:
*The listed car must be a GT-R
*Pictures of the GT-R must be provided
*At least one photo must be provided that shows your username along with the current date, handwritten on something with either the GT-R key(s) or part of the GT-R in the picture.
*Asking price must be included (GT-Rs can NOT be listed over MSRP) along with what methods of payment you will accept
*VIN must be included
*Location and price must be included in the topic title
*No Ebay links or links to 3rd party website for sale ads are permitted

*Be respectful
*You may ask value-added questions regarding the item being sold or the seller himself/herself; You may also vouch for the seller if you either personally know him/her or have prior experience. No bumping.
*No negative feedback on price unless BOTH 1 the seller stated something specific that leads you to believe he/she is is open to understanding why there may not be any interest AND 2 you can provide evidence to support your view, based on prior trasaction prices. Regardless you must be respectful.
*Any negative/worthless comments will be deleted
*Do not derail the thread on personal affairs
*Buyer Beware - NAGTROC and or GTRLIFE will not be held responsible for any deals gone bad
*Buyers beware - Ask for car fax if none can be provided by the seller, contact the Marketplace Mod and he will get info on the car your looking at.


*****QUICK NOTES*****
2009 Titanium/White For Sale
Price: $62,000
Miles: 35,000
VIN: JN1AR54F79M250950
Location: Garden Grove, CA
Titek Mid Pipe Otherwise Stock
(Will provide the stock midpipe at time of sale)
Private Sale Under Factory Warranty
Original Owner Hold Title
- No Accidents
Local Pickup: Yes or No
Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer) or No
Will You Ship International: Yes or No
Payment: Bankloan/Wire Transfer (Car will be released once funds are verified in my account)
Returns Accepted: Yes or No
Contact Method: Email or Phone
Trades: Yes or No
Will You Allow Test Drives: Yes, for a serious buyer with deposit, or No
Who will be paying for the PPI: Buyer
Why is it for sale: Retiring and moving out of the country
For Sale is a well taken care of 2009 GTR, Premium Edition.
I purchased the car new in August of 2008. Used as a second car for weekend driving mostly.

I have never launched or tracked the car. It has been garage kept. Factory options include IPOD connection, GTR logo floor mats and Car Cover. The car also has a clear bra that covers the front fascia, first 1/3 of the hood (just below the air intakes)/fenders, and mirrors. Rear and passenger windows are tinted. I have installed Day Time Running Light (LED - Always On). My email is [email protected] or phone
Lets talk, if you are truly interested.
Additional Photos of Car in Attached.
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If you have reached that point, its time to sell the GT-R.

1) Get the car properly detailed and washed, before taking photos or visiting buying locations, such as Car Max or a dealer.
2) Take some very good photos in side and outside.
3) Get a print out of the service history.
4) Take pictures of the Vin and door tag.
5) Once all of the above is done visit NADA or
Find out the going value of your GT-R when pricing for sale on the USED car market.
trade in value is what the dealer would pay for it and retail is what the suggested retail price would be.

If you do not want to deal with the public and would like to sell the car quickly, there is a used car trade in feature on Auto Trader : Or you can contact Nissan dealerships and give them an offer between trade in and your target price, it might work or some dealers might want to buy it for way less then your target price.

Safety Tips when selling your GT-R as a private party:

Meet at a location other then your personal home, always get a copy of the licensed driver and also a valid copy of their insurance policy before venturing out on a test drive, and do not the drive on his own.

Once all is good and the buyer is ready to pay, Bank wire is probably the best way to make large payments / DO not accept cashiers check unless your willing to cash it at the bank it was drafted at and or cash it and have your bank put a hold on it until it clears. I have heard can take as long as 10 business days to clear.

Once all has been paid always make full disclosure and have all of the details of the car signed off and notarized that both of the parties agree of the sales contract. This way should any issue come up your not leaving your self exposed to legal problems. With regards to this matter in California make sure at the time of the sale the seller pays for the smog and has that paper work included in the sale of the car.

If I could add something here, I think it's also wise that once paid you give the buyer the title to register and only after they register it do you give them the car and keys. I was told by someone at a driving school that there's been instances of someone not registering the car right away and getting something as simple as a parking ticket that was assessed to the previous owner b/c the title had not been transferred.

Very informative. I wonder why Edmunds list used GTR's approx 10 thousands dollar cheaper than KKB and Nada? Dealers like to say that they use Edmunds, of course.
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