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Need BOLDED threads desperately!

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Every thread looks like I've already read it. Can we go back to bolding threads that we haven't seen, or have seen and then someone comments on?
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I think the blue dot next to the title is the new way of showing if you've read it or not.
Sorry I barely even noticed it! Thanks!
I am just one opinion, but I still can barely even see the dots, so I certainly am not able to tell the difference between the dots and the stars unless I really stare at them for a moment. This is on my work Dell desktop flat screen. I assume it might look even worse on a laptop.

Can the stars not be a different color from the dots? Like yellow for example?
I'm fine with the dots
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seems good now

if its a new thread the background is grey and if u already read it its black?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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