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My car is fbo with e85, went to one drag event last month and had a clutch overheat (only showed in half sec and gone, dont see the entire message) at my 4th launch. Stopped and went back, car drives car on the way home, and did not notice any issue at all for another 2-3 weeks. (I did another pull for my etune 2 weeks after, tuner said all logs look fine, just tweaked my map to final version)

2 weeks later, i started to notice some weird sound when i do light/medium throttle (after redlight, stop sign, on the ramp to highway etc.)
It happened at some certain time which i can always anticipated (now i more convinced its when im shifting gears). it sounds like tire spin but i little bit sharper and only last for one sec, like something is rubbing etc, and car shifts harder than i expected. (I was mainly drives in manual mode most the time, but start to drive in automatic after i found this issue). everytime i heard that sound and then tried to look at gauge, the rpm is always around 2200 (sometime a little bit higher but not more than 2400)

There is no issue with manual mode , car shift really smooth and drive well. (stilll need to drive more to verify)

Did a clutch relearn with cc to 0, and set back to all +2. Seems a little bit better? (its hard to tell, because i can still hear the sound)

So my question is:

what is your best guess on this issue?

What is the symptom of a clutch slip? is it comes with a sound?

R35 CBA FBO parted rod/windowed block. BNR32 '
Nissan GTR R35 '08 JDM Stage 3, Nissan Skyline GTR bnr32 '93 full stock, Toyota Land Cruiser 81 '95
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Have you noticed any differences in performance? I also thinking about clutch slippage, but haven't heard any noise yet (driving with closed windows due to winter time
). My concerns is slower responce when I push the throttle going on 6th or 5th gear.It started after I went on dyno. We've made about 15 measurements that day...
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