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i think should be ?

sorry Sam hehe

Modified Turbos

9.84sec @ 143.17mph VEGASGTR
1.655 60' (NIS006?); ⅛ = [email protected]; Δ = 29.01mph
AAM GT900R turbos + AMS 3.8L (+AAM DPs, HKS MP, HKS Catback)
e85, 18" MT DRs, Chris @ AMS tuned
3/11/11 @ Las Vegas Speedway | est: ??º 3,757' DA (video, thread)
Actually the record is 9.62 @ 146 Ohiogtr's is a switzer OEM based turbos e900

That's what I and trying to get...

Quick question, what was the Da and what was the 60ft time or 1/8

Congrats on an awesome run.. With less wheel spin off the line you have. 9.5x !!!
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