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My name is Keith, and I have a problem...

I'm thinking (and eventually will) about selling My current Daily driver and Buying a GTR.
I've been a member of this forum since 2009 and have been trolling ever since. It was not till Lately, That the Place that I work for has been talking about getting into the GTR market. (that place shall be unnamed till I pay up for the Vendor fee) Well I was the Lucky one to get talked into buying a GTR. They really didn't need to talk me into anything... Being a former Gtr owner they knew they already had me locked in.

I'm Not new to the GTR world as you see below I've had myself a R34 GTR. (witch I regret selling and I hope the new Gtr in my life will fill this void)

(please dont judge the wheel gap)

Well that is Pretty much it!

I just wanted to FINALLY say Hello

This is and always will be my favorite Forum to Troll and Now be apart of.



(please look past my failed humor at the start of my introduction)

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Awesome R34! Was it actually registered and street legal in the US?
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