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Hello NAGTROC! I registered a while back and just realized I never made an intro post.
My name is Tony and I am from the South Houston area. I'm currently in the process of selling my ~800rwhp '04 Cobra and plan to get into an R35 sometime in 2012. I've absolutely LOVED these cars since '09 when the first one I saw stopped directly in front of my house in Lubbock & test launched. I go to the TX2k events every year & sponsored the last two years so I've likely met some of you.
I've ridden in a few GTR's, and when I made the decision that this will be my next purchase, my friend Daniel let me drive his '10 Hennessey 600 package car....I was hooked before but now I know it's the car I want.
I love the versatility of this car more than anything. I'll be active on this forum more than any other trying to learn even more from the current owners on here, and maybe even buy mine from a member
Anyway, I look forward to learning more and talking with y'all more
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