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New Here but DIY Tanabe springs installed

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Recently purchased a 2011 white GTR after owning 2 CTS-V, 3 Z06, etc. All I can say is WOW to this car. It's amazing. It has intakes, boost logic catless dps, boost logic catless mid, stock exhaust and cobb tune, tuned by Broadway Performance.
Anyways, after reading up much info on springs etc, it appeared the Tanabe springs offered the right drop and at the lowest price. I also purchased some 15mm, 20mm spacers for F and R wheels respectively. I followed a couple of the online write ups about the spring install and it was actually easier than the Cadillac V install I thought. The most tedious part was removing the rear interior. It was very easy to do, just a little time consuming and not much room for my "large" self.
Install of suspension was straight forward, and the results are remarkable. the springs are quiet, the drop is just right, and the car even feels like it drives better. The spacers really make the stock wheels look "good" so I am happy about that for now.

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will snap some and post up.
any pics yet?
Yes pics please. I'm planning on doing spacers until the rim fund is completed
Sorry to bring up an old topic but was wondering if there was any update
Here are some attached pics of the car on 21's and lowered on the Tanabe's.
More pics can be seen at



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