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Hello all,

After many years of following the forum, research, waiting, working, saving, the moment has finally arrived and I took the leap of faith. I got a well kept 2015 Jet Black premium. Knowing that I was determined to get either a GTR or a Z06 with a Z07 package as soon as the right deal comes up, I started working on my mod list for the GTR two months ago lol!! Moreover I got a really nice deal to pass, so I made the jump on the GTR, I knew if I went with the Z06 I would still be thinking about the GTR. Now that I got the GTR I know that I definitely made the right choice.

List of previously owned cars:
1996 Dodge interpid between 2003-2005
1998 Mercedes-Benz 300SE 2005-2008
2008 Infiniti G35 2008-2013
2014 Mazda 6 2014-2014
2014 Toyota Rav 4 2014-Present (Kept it at my hometown house overseas)
2014 C7 3LZ Z51 Convertible 2014-2015
2015 GTR premium 2015-Second year of R36 or depending on Toyota FT1/Honda NSX performance/value

Most of my friends asked me as soon as I got the GTR (today), how would I compare it to the C7 Stingray? I hope this will help anyone considering either the GTR, C7 Z06 (exterior&interior), or the Stingray.

Corvette: Well to really simplify it I tell them that the C7 has the "CooL" factor aesthetically (which is subjective) but I do really believe that the corvette is a meaner looking sports car in and out (specially since I had a 3LZ Z51 black convertible). Obviously most of these factors boils down to the Stingray beinga 6 year newer platform compared to the GTR.

GTR: I tell them that the GTR has the "WoW" factor, once the turbos spool and above 5k RPM I do really feel a big difference compared to the lighter 460HP/TQ Stingray, it really draws a big smile on my face whenever I step on it on the GTR much more than I did on the Stingray. The grip/handling is also phenomenal I could comfortably go faster in empty highways than I did in my Corvette(at the cost of comfort/luxury).

Advantages of the Stingray (Disadvantages of the GTR):
Better aesthetics in and out
Better materials fit & finish (for the 3LZ trim)
Much more comfortable and quiet
More cool features (Colored adjustable HUD, electronic adjustable gauge display, larger center console screen, Onstar, ventilated/heated seats)
More attention (depends if you like it or not could be a disadvantage as well)

Advantages of the GTR (Disadvantages of the Stingray):
Much more usable ooooomphhh! (power)
Better handling & grip
Much much faster transmission shifts (I had an Automatic in the Stingray)
Easier to get in and out
Much more usable space in the car (Back seats & trunk)
Way higher horizon for power with mods (cheap at the entry to medium levels compared to other platforms)
Much better aftermarket products/support/forum

If you have any other questions or inquiries I would be more than happy to answer them, and I will leave you with some pictures:

Car Land vehicle Sky Vehicle Tire

Car Land vehicle Tire Sky Wheel

Car Land vehicle Sky Vehicle Tire


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Congrats to you! Although the c7 z06 is an incredible car no doubt, I would still go with a gtr as well. ( I've wanted one well before a z06) I feel like it would be a better suited daily driver all year round (if you had to pick) instead of a zo6. I live in Connecticut and it snows a lot in the winter. Not sure If I would ever daily drive a gtr but I'm just saying haha. Your advantages and disadvantages are right on. I had the opportunity to drive a friends gtr black edition a couple times and was just blown away by the performance and handling, I knew I had to have one. Some day!

Again, congrats to you!
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