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Hi Guys,

At the risk of double posting (!!) for my new found friends on and like others before me can't find any "newbie" section so thought I'd post a "hello" from deepest darkest Gloucestershire in the UK.......

Just picked up a 2009 Black Edition UK spec R35 after a long period of quick and capable RWD cars, namely 911C2S, BMW M3/5, TVR Tuscan/Cerbera.

Had a couple of Japanese Turbo projects along the way as well, such as a single turbo Supra, STI Impreza and tracked MX5 (n/a but after thousands of £'s chassis mods probably the best handling car I've ever driven)

As most people are, I'm blown away by the performance of the standard R35 but have my reservations around the understeering nature of the chassis (out the box) and the lack of "turn/bite" into bends....

....basically guess I'm more of an oversteer guy.........

So, rather than focus on outright power - that seems very well documented in this forum (and others), thought I'd start to explore the finer details of standard (and aftermarket) alignment and chassis options.

Will post any findings as I go - happy to be here and look forward to chatting more....



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Davie - those of us who bought our cars out the packet were taken to Silverstone.
At that event I commented about understeer of my S3 to one of the instructors who then took me out in a 350z and showed me that understeer and oversteer are down to the driver. He induced both from that car. All about learning how to drive an individual car to it's best abilities. And if your understeering a GTR on public roads, you're a braver man than :D

Enjoy :D
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