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I was hoping to see the engine bay. No cigar.

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"The Praga Bohema’s PL38DETT is based on Nissan’s famed 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine used in all its GT-R models since 2007. Initially drawing on Nissan’s experience at Le Mans, it is constructed around an aluminum alloy cylinder block, and there are double overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, with a continuously variable valve timing system on the inlet valves. The beauty of this engine is not just its sheer performance potential, but also its renowned reliability and tunability.

Uniquely, Nissan supplies brand new GT-R engines to Praga for the Bohema. Engine development and servicing requirements then sees Praga working with the UK’s renowned Litchfield Engineering; another long-time friend of the Praga brand. Litchfield has more than two decades of tuning experience and is known as the global authority on GT-R engines. Litchfield strips the new engines and converts them to dry sump, which reduces the overall height of the unit by 5.51 in. This allows the engine to sit lower in the Bohema and prevents the risks of oil surge under high-speed cornering loads."
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