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New Standard in GT-R Turbocharger Technology

Engineered to be the ultimate turbocharger upgrade for GT-R's making between 1000 and 1600hp, AAM Competition, LLC is proud to release three new turbo systems for the Nissan GT-R: the AAM Competition GT1200-R Turbo System, AAM Competition GT1400-R Turbo System, and the AAM Competition GT1600-R Turbo System.

Power in the Details

The finest materials and components make the AAM Competition GT1200/1400/1600-R Turbo Systems stand out from the competition. AAM Competition's team CAD designed Stainless Cast Tubular Manifolds to ensure top performance. Superior to cut & weld fabricated manifolds, casting eliminates welding and odd contours, eliminating cracking and failure while greatly improving engine reliability and performance. The one piece manifold design with smooth flowing, large diameter (1.65") runners and round bellows allow for maximum flow with no resistance. Exhaust gas is channeled into a smooth collector right into the turbocharger - allowing for optimum performance and maximum power.

Seamless Integration - Straight Forward Installation-

A Turbo Kit that Simply Fits

The AAM Competition GT1200/1400/1600-R Turbo Systems are complete kits that seamlessly integrate with AAM Competition (or most popular aftermarket) components and they are a direct upgrade to the factory turbocharger setup.

Complete with everything needed to replace the factory turbochargers, the AAM Competition GT1200/1400/1600-R Turbo Systems come with twin Stainless Cast Tubular Manifolds, Garrett GTX Turbochargers, Tial MVR Wastegates, Stainless Downpipes, Turbo Inlet Piping that connects to 3" Intake Kits (ie. AAM Competition 3" R-Line Intake), Lower Intercooler Piping that connects to the factory or most upgraded intake piping kits (ie. AAM Competition I/C Piping Kit), Pre- Assembled and Fully Terminated Braided Oil Lines, Pre-Assembled and Fully Terminated Coolant Lines (complete with a special upgraded CNC'd distribution block), Pre-Assembled and Fully Terminated Braided Boost Lines, Heat Shielding, and more.

When Only the Best Will Do

The small details are what make the AAM Competition GT1200/1400/1600-R Turbo Systems excel.

S Cover GTX Turbochargers - The larger S Cover GTX Turbocharger cover is optimized for high HP performance and incorporates anti-surge geometry. The design of the S Cover optimizes the turbo efficiency and directly increases its output potential under high boost. Compared to "hybrid" modified factory converted turbochargers, older technology Mitsubishi 20G turbochargers, and Garrett "clones" - the S Cover GTX Turbochargers are proven to spool up quickly, make impressive top-end-power, and offer superior reliability.

High Flow Equal Length Manifolds - The large 1.65" Runners on the AAM Competition GT-R Stainless Cast Manifolds are designed to balance out exhaust flow and maintain maximum flow throughout the entire RPM band. The gradual radius of each runner and smooth merging of the runners ensures proper exhaust flow, eliminating hot spots while significantly maximizing power and long term reliability.

Optimized Wastegate Positioning - The wastegate port was specifically designed to best vent the

exhaust for optimal flow and boost control. Integration into the cast manifold design allows for a larger wasegate port inside the collector, in-line with the flow and runners of the manifold. Boost is channeled smoothly through the wastegates giving the tuner great feedback and precision control while dialing in the GT-R.

Simplified Installation - To aid installation, the AAM Competition turbo kit seamlessly integrates with AAM Competition components and is a direct upgrade to the factory turbo setup. Complete with everything needed to replace the factory turbochargers. The turbochargers are pre-set and clocked for easy installation.

Seamless Integration of Existing IC Piping - The AAM Competition turbo kit integrates seamlessly with most aftermarket intakes and intercooler piping, terminating at OE locations. The AAM Competition Front Mount Intercooler, AAM Competition Intercooler Piping Kit, and the AAM Competition GT-R 3" R-Line intakes are fully compatible with the turbo system without modification.

Downpipes Mate to OE or Aftermarket Midpipe - The 3" stainless v-band downpipes mate perfectly to either the OEM Midpipe or any aftermarket Midpipe terminating at the OE location. Brackets secure the pipes in place much like the OE setup. The downpipes feature recirculating wastegate dump tubes to properly channel all exhaust gases through the exhaust.

Clean Lines and Fittings - The AAM Competition turbo kit is supplied complete with terminated oil coolant, and wastegate boost line upgrades. All lines are pre-assembled with high grade components and shielding. Water lines are upgraded for better coolant circulation through the turbochargers. All lines are tucked away and shielded from exhaust heat and are protected to ensure long-term reliability.

Limited Lifetime Guarantee - The turbo kit is guaranteed to be free of workmanship defect and is guaranteed to perform. The manifolds, oil/water lines, and downpipes carry a limited lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser. The wastegates and turbochargers carry their respective manufacturer's warranty through Tial and Garrett.


Performance without Compromise * Seamless Integration

Finest Components * Designed to be the Best

An engineered system for those who demand the best, AAM Competition has created a balanced turbo upgrade capable of pushing the GT-R to its greatest limits.


  • CAD/CAM/CMM designed and engineered

  • Factory like fitment and compatibility, no modification needed.
  • 304 SS Tubular Cast Manifolds with V-Band flanges
  • Custom specification Garrett GTX turbochargers
  • Tial Stainless V-Band Exhaust housings
  • Tial MV-R 44mm Wastegates
  • Complete Oil and Coolant system
  • Optional Wastegate water cooling system
  • Inlet tubing, compatible with OE fitment intakes
  • Lower IC piping, compatible with OE fitment IC and FMIC kits

  • Heat protection and shielding of critical components

Why the AAM Competition GT1200/1400/1600-R Turbo System Stands Out

  • CAD designed and engineered for optimal performance, reliability and OEM like fitment.
  • Tubular, cast stainless manifolds are perfect for performance and reliability. Developed using CAD to have large smooth runners that provide ample exhaust flow with no risk of cracking. V-band design is simple, effective and proven.
  • Turbo options available for both road, track and drag applications. Larger turbochargers offer a significant increase in horsepower.
  • Large Tial MV-R 44mm Wastegates for optimal control, available with a water-cooling system for boost longevity and reliability in road racing applications.
  • Tial Stainless V-Band housings are used for a low profile fit and to keep the setup simple and clean.
  • High quality AN fittings and lines with heat resistant shielding and protection. Specifically designed and pre-assembled for the GT-R R35 application.
  • Stainless downpipes have recirculating Wastegate dump tubes and terminate at the factory location making them compatible with OEM or aftermarket mid-pipes.
  • Thick 4-ply silicone hoses all around to handle high pressure
  • All required hardware clamps are included - turnkey system for a true bolt on experience


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No offense but you want to proof read that first post.

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if you guys are using gtx turbos. Could you please say specs?

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nice system! What is the diameter of the cast manifold runners? Also, what is used to shield heat from the manifolds/turbo housings?

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can you use the new gtx4088r?
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