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Hey everyone,

I'm Justin based in downtown Orlando, FL new to being a participating member of these forums I have been lurking for a few weeks now trying to soak up all the information and advice I can. I do not have the extensive knowledge or experience as many of the members on these boards do. I'm fairly new to this level of success so I've only ever fantasied about owning a GTR never did too much research. With that said I'm looking to finally join you all and I'm seeking a 15 BE and I have a few general buying questions and need a little advice on one I'm looking at specifically so anyone willing to take a little time out of their day to guide me I would greatly appreciate it. Also would love to link up with other Central Florida owners. My questions are as follows,

If I'm looking to purchase a used 15 BE from a Nissan dealer is there a need to get a PPI or is it unnecessary to do so?

I have a 15 BMW 435i I would be trading is it absolutely ridiculous and not ever done to trade in a vehicle to a dealer who is out of state? (I fully understand if this a stupid newbie question)

Would it be in my best interest to wait for the 17s, am I going to be losing a good amount of value once they arrive? (I don't think I can even wait I have GTR fever)

I have been in contact with a Nissan dealer who is local to me that has a 15 BE here

They have had this vehicle for about 3 months now. Couple of ebay listings auction style all ended 68-70K figured they would be motivated to sell it but only would answer me back with $80,500. Am I crazy to think that I could get it for under that amount? I just feel like with so many used GTRs on the market dealers would be willing to come down a few thousand. I'm attempting to make the smartest decision and not get too excited. I would also not mind picking up a members modded 15 if one came along but the convenience of being able to just trade in and start my own build is where my mind is. Again I would be very grateful for anyone who is willing to advise me. Can't wait to get it and be active here.
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