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Facebook Event Page:

You guys asked for it, so I made it happen.
NI's official 2nd meet will be held at an underground parking structure!!

Here are some specifics I want to mention about this location.
1. Accommodates more than 200 cars
2. Enough ventilation
3. 2 entrances/exits
4. Underground parking structure
5. Confirmed with the property owner
6. 1013MM attendance

This will be a one time meet, so don't expect there to be a 2nd one!
I will NOT talk with the cops because Tujunga is surrounded by 4 police departments/divisions and contacting every single one will be a PITA. Once you leave the meet, it will be your own responsibility to not get pulled over.

Many of you guys know I'm a straight-up person and very honest, so if I see anyone acting in an immature way inside or outside of the structure, I'll kindly ask you to leave. Don't be thinking I'll be standing at a corner waiting for such happenings to settle on its own. PLEASE ACT RESPONSIBLY.

I hope to see many of you guys there. Think of this meet as a collaboration to bring the automotive community together. See ya'll there!


*For those coming from the 210W, I recommend taking the Sunland exit instead of Lowell/Tujunga. If you plan on exiting the Lowell/Tujunga exit, stick the right lane and when you hit the traffic light, take a right turn, go straight up until you hit Foothill, take a left, and go down until you reach the final destination.

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I'm in.
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