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Nissan GT Academy Show on Speed Channel

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While watching tonight's episode (episode 2 i believe) I noticed that they added the sound of a V8 engine to the GTR while it was circling Silverstone. WTF!!!!

Did anyone else catch that?
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Watching it now. What a garbage show.
Couldn't watch more than a couple minutes...back to the Giants
Hendrix bio for me.
i was planning to catch it on repeat at 1am.. tuesdays at 10 is SOA for me, but damn they really piped in a fake V8... gotta see that for myself..

plus im still a little bitter i was a few seconds off of making round 2... that cape ring was my down fall... i was right on point on the other 2 tracks....

wished i had made it haha i would have held my own in the GTR events.... but then i saw all that exercise.... they can keep that shit
ok just heard the V8 sounds..... thought they were driving an old 60's camaro
What a cheeseball show..........Terrible track filming and the dubbed in V8 old school shit shifting through the gears.......priceless.
Yep, VERY disappointing show. :( Can't decide which is worse, this or US Top Gear. Both reek.

Didn't they also say that the GT-R has 530 HP (& it is a pre-USDM 2012!)? Maybe they put the V8 in it? That would make it more interesting, lol.
one small thing i think i noticed was all the GTRS the drivers drove had the older orginal R35 wheels on them.... but every time it showed the close up wheel camera.. it looked like the new 11 spoke wheel of the DBA cars

so im guessing that was a reshoot maybe they edited in?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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