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What's going guys/gals... Decided to pull the trigger and start the hunt for my GT-R! By pulling the trigger I mean, the wife ALLOWED me to start saving for a down payment towards a GT-R
. I have been in the car game for quite some time with projects like Fox body Mustangs, MKIII Supra, and now my "already for sale" Mazda Rx-7 FD3S. The FD has been with me since 2006 when I purchased her at auction and rebuilt her from near scrap heap. Sadly, the negotiation with "The Warden" was that I sell her in order to make space for the GT-R. My aspiration is finding a gently used 2010-2011 with roughly >50K miles for ~$50-55K out the door. I know those are steadily becoming unicorns but I'm giving myself 6 months until I'm ready to purchase. Can't wait to chat it up with you guys on the forums!

BTW, attached are pics of Ryu-Chan my FD...enjoy


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Welcome and the hardest part is over. "Getting the warden's approval"
Beautiful car. I had a 93 touring model years ago. Car weighed 2780 on the scale.

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