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Those are great results John!!!

I still think we should plumb the other pump into your interior and you can "take a drink everytime you hit the brakes" lol.

I've got to get you the pics so you can do a write-up on the install!
Fantastic result for you Icarus. Excellent data, and enjoy the brake pad/disc replacement cost savings
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Fantastic results. I think that if you had brand new CL RC6E pads on the car, you might not have seen any appreciable wear. This would have been my next mod on the GT-R if I had kept the car; wish I'd done it years ago now. Spread the word about this: there are far too many people spending far too much money replacing rotors and pads on a regular basis who can save alot of money in the long term by using this kit.
Looks interesting. But I have tried using Genesis temp paint from HRP World many years ago and gave up on it because the color change is just too subtle and temperature determination unreliable from my view of the color chart (plus I really hate having to mix that paint after it's been sitting a while). I have instead been using AP Racing paints with the 3 colors. Any test would be a winner if the red AP paint (610 C) stops turning white with any brake cooling solution. I would be amazed that any brake cooling solution drops rotor temps by 200 degrees C, which is a drop of 360 degrees F, but if that is what is happening, then great. Of course any solution that reduces pad wear is better than no solution. As for oil temp reduction, someone said they would send me a prototype solution that would work with my HKS DCT cooler, but that has never happened. So I just have to back off when I don't like where the gauge is going.

As far as rotor replacement goes, I am still on my original set of PFC's (I have a spare set on hand) and so replacement cost is only cost of pads so far. For me the pads wear rather than the rotors. Rotors are crazed all over, but not significantly wearing.
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Should have put this system on long ago. I have spent way too much money on brake consumables... it has been the highest cost maintenance item on my GT-R by far.
Note: something you can try now is to move to a 'softer' lighter on the disc style pad that operates at lower temperatures which will give you better overall feel and be a lot gentler on the hardware. We found you can pick up some good lap pace going in this direction
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Looking very closely, this appears to be WITH the Stillen active brake cooling kit installed. Was this running during the test or not?

Any other cooling installed at the time? (spatulas, vacuum cleaner parts, brake diverters, small team of Keebler Elves with bellows pumps?).

I do believe Icarus did some testing on the air blower system here - icarus stillen
The Elves make for interesting possibilities....
How long does the tank last ??
Very interesting results!

RE earlier question, don't you still have the Rexpeed(?) deflectors on the sway bar?

Now just add the DIY Dyson ducting, & combine with the 42gtrJr don't-use-brakes-on-track method, & you'll never have to buy pads again! ;)
I do believe Icarus did some testing on the air blower system here - http://www.nagtroc.o...esults/page__hl__ icarus stillen
The Elves make for interesting possibilities....
Combinations change EVERYTHING. If this was with brake air cooling guides, and active cooling by Stillen, and your water cooling system, then we can only expect to see similar results with a similar combination.

Several other members have the Rexspeed guides, and they seem to be somewhat effective. They, along with the Stillen coolers, may AMPLIFY the water cooling, or they might even make it less effective (but I doubt that personally). *edit Icarus has stated Stillens were removed, but I can see them in the pics, request for clarification below*.

Stillen Active Cooling kit was removed several months ago, was not effective. So no, the kit was NOT on my car at the time of the above test with tge Willall system. IMO, the only benefit the Stillen kit provides is blowing a small amount of air on the rotor and caliper after coming off the track. Otherwise, I never saw any benefit based on rotor temps or pad wear. I have great respect for Stillen and everything they do, but their kit simply did not work for me as advertised.
In this picture:

The Stillen cooling nozzles are CLEARLY visible. Are you saying this picture was taken before the kit was removed?

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