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Norcal New owner - 2010 Super silver

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2010 SS GTR. The car still have many years of warranty.

BTW, is the GTR suppose to be really loud inside? It's quiet when it's at idle. When i am driving on local, the car is pretty loud. It's like driving a V8 truck. Is that normal? I use to own a G35 Coupe, it's a pretty quiet and smooth car even with aftermarket exhaust.

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Mine is quite loud, but I have an aftermarket midpipe. Is yours stock?
Enjoy the car....great community here if you need help with anything

Are you the guy that was driving around Milpitas last week Thursday around 11:30pm?
nope, just pick it up Sunday
Yes the sounds are normal. It always reminds me its a unique car. Congrats on your new ride!
Thanks GTR people. I look forward to learn more about this car.

This is my old ride.
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Cool, come out to the norcal meet tomorrow night in Milpitas...
Congrats on the car! Try to make it tomorrow to the meet
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