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Does anyone know if the Nordring Club Sport suspension (the red one) works to adjust the dampening with the 3 way adjustment switch inside the car like the OEM suspension?
Yes it does.

Per Google:

Original dampers which was released in June 2004 (NR-B01-R35) Similarly, Bilstein dampers based on genuine R35, to reduce changes in posture such as cornering near the limit on track, in pursuit of stable hard shock is.
Traditionally, finding a damping high now, but tend to deteriorate the ride quality, NR-like B01, with the adoption of dividing piston aluminum, can be also secured the ride comfort of road, a large is characterized.
The mounting height of this damper, front 10mm down from the standard car. The more you like, up to 15mm spring adjuster makes it possible to lower the ride height, which is almost identical numbers Club Track edition.
Is recommended for those who aim to further time up!
In addition, this product is jointly developed by Nissan and the "GT-part special designated R" is.
The three-stage switchable electronically controlled damping ※.
Ride height is lowered by this damper mounted ※. Please note that the interference with the ground."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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