I have a used A/V and Navigation unit as a take off from my 2009 GTR. Also I have the same Screen from the Unit. Both are in perfect shape and were just replaced by a new upgraded entirely different unit. This would be great for anyone on a rebuild or has a broken AV-Nav system. Screen has no scratches or marks. Note: There is a CD in the drive that I forgot to take out. Not even sure what it is, so buyer gets a free audio gift! :LOL:

Part numbers (also pictured)
AV-Nav Unit: NAU-3610KUS
Screen: TR-LM7WC1N

Not splitting them up for now as the $750 shipped tyd price is for both.
MODS: Please let me know if I do need to split them up?

$750 shipped TYD. (Paypal, Venmo or personal check, money order)