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4.0 Liter 2009/DBA body GTR Premium Black Obsidian
Miles: 36,500
VIN: JN1AR54F29M250368
Location: Austin TX
Payment: Bank Loan/Wire Transfer/Cash/Certified Check

For Sale is my beautiful 2009/DBA Nissan GT-R as the body is upgraded to all 2013 front and rear fascia, including carbon stress bar in engine compartment. Title in hand. I am the second owner and bought the car in March of 2015 with 25,300 miles from Hing Yim the original owner. The car was originally built at SP Engineering, as SPE-1000R package #013. It was built beyond the SPE-1000R package with a 4.3-liter motor and all the GReddy parts and turbos. It was the fastest GTR in the world for one day back in 2012:
8-Second Drag Nissan GT-R
A lot of that build is still on the car, except he cracked the 4.3 block listed in the article and built another brand-new 4.0-liter motor to handle 1800hp, like the Godzilla build listed in this article. The motor was freshly built when I bought it with new block and pistons, etc.

I put on smaller Linney BorgWarner EFR 6758 turbos on the car, as I wanted quick spool and low-end performance to compete in SCCA Pro Solo and Solo competition. I was able to win both years I competed in the Pro Solo Championship 2018 and this year 2021, and 2nd in both Solo events the same years. The car was tuned by local Cobb expert Mike McGinnis of EMS Tuning. It has a street tune as dyno issues on tuning day, but I would imagine it would be similar to the numbers seen here: I just put back in my freshened Shep 1k+ transmission with new 10 plate ETS, new forged clutch basket B with clutches, new custom tuned OSGiken Super Lock rear differential. Only did the one race on this transmission with 16 launches. The car also has custom front uprights and C-West 10mm wide fenders that make it able to fit the same 345mm Hoosier R7/R7 tire on 13” wide wheels front and rear.

I love this car, and I hope it goes to a good home.

Asking price is $100,000.
I can transport the car 400 miles included in price.

4.0 Liter GReddy Stroker
Linney BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbos
JE forged Pistons 95.5 bore, 9.0:1
Kelford B2 Camshaft
ARP Main Studs
TurboSmart Dual Port Wastegate Actuators
MAC 4 Port Boost Solenoid
Carrillo Rods
ATI Crank Damper
Ferrea Valve Springs and Retainers
GPP Spec Cylinder Heads CNC ported
Intake Valve: +1mm overbore Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Exhaust Valve: +1mm overbore Inconel High Temp Alloy
(GReddy VR38DETT engine program)
GReddy Intake Manifold
GReddy RX Billet Big Bore 70mm Throttle Bodies
JCR 3” Carbon Fiber BOV pipes
Q Blow Off Valve with 11psi spring
AMS Performance Alpha Cast Downpipes
GReddy 94mm Exhaust System, non-catted
GReddy Type-R intercooler
HKS M-series plugs
Z1 Motorsports Urethane Engine Mounts
GReddy Fuel Rail Rail/Boost Logic Fuel Rail Kit w/Weldon regulator
Injector Dynamics 2000cc fuel injectors
AMS Brushless Dual Pump
GotBoost Flex Fuel Kit
Air Pump Delete (I have all the original parts)
Antigravity ATX-20 Battery with Re-Start Technology

Cobb Accessport V3 Speed Density Tune by Mike McGinnis, EMS Tuning

Sheptrans 3 (ONE-K) with upgrades!
PPG 1-6 Gearset V3
Dodson/Sheptrans 18 Plate Clutch Kit
Billet A/B Baskets
Billet Thrust Plate
Dodson upgraded FWD clutch housing with 10 plate clutches
PPG Billet FWD output shaft
Dodson Gear Selector Rings
Dodson Solenoids
Dodson Transmission Oil Pressure Sender Units
Dodson GR6 anti-surge plate
OS Giken Super Lock Rear Differential Custom Tuned by Jonathan Lugod
SSP Solid Transmission Mounts
Titek Upper and Lower Transmission Brace
Willal Billet Front Differential Housing with Quaife LSD
Spare Stock Front Differential with Housing
DSS Front Drive Shaft Upgrade with New Upgraded Small Bearing (plus spare)
Spare Axles X2
KAPS AWD Controller with 4 Different Custom Programs from Street to Race.


Advan GT 20X10 front/20x12 Rear with Michelin Pilot Super Sport: 285 Front 335 back
Titanium Lug nuts


Custom front uprights to accommodate 345/30/19 on 13” wheels on front end.
TPC Racing TracTiv3 DDA 3-way adjustable adaptive coil over shocks (1700lb front/700lb rear springs) These shocks are programmable with 3 different shock settings available using the stock GTR shock switch. I have tuned these shocks for rain, regular driving, and racing.
SPL Front Upper Camber/Caster Arms
SPL Front Bump Steer Correction Kit
SPL Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit
SPL Rear Knuckle Ball Bushings
SPL Titanium Rear Camber Links
SPL Titanium Rear Toe Links
SPL High Clearance Rear Traction Links
SPL Rear Camber Arms
SPL Rear Toe Arms
SPL Eccentric Rear Lockout Kit
Eibach Hollow Adjustable Front Bar
Forged Adjustable Rear Bar


GiroDisc 12+ Light Weight 2-piece front rotor 380mm
GiroDisc 2-piece rear disc 380mm
HP Plus Pads
Lightly used Carbotech XP12 pads
Torque Solutions Brake Master Cylinder Brace

Body & Interior:

Carbon Fiber C-West 10mm Wide Fenders
APR Performance Carbon Fiber Front Canards
JDM Clear Corners
Carbon Fiber Hood Intakes
30% Tint All Around
2013 OEM DBA Complete Front End
2013 OEM DBA Complete Rear End
Titek Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
Titek Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Titek Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
Carbon Fiber Rear Balance
Carbon Fiber Engine Bay trim
Dark Tinted Set of Rear Brake Lights Extra in Boxes if state laws allow.

OPTIONAL ITEMS FOR SALE: (10% discount on items if buying the car)

-Sheptrans 2.5 with upgrades the same as the1K in the car. ($17,000 no core)
ETS needs service, so I will have this serviced and shipped included in the price.
PPG 1-6 Gearset V2
Dodson/Sheptrans 18 Plate Clutch Kit
Billet A/B Baskets
Billet Thrust Plate
Dodson Upgraded FWD Clutch Housing with 10 plate clutch
Dodson Extreme FWD output shaft
Dodson GR6 anti-surge plate
Dodson Solenoids
Dodson Transmission Oil Pressure Sender Units
Sheptrans Viton Piston Seal Upgrade
OSGiken Super Lock differential custom tuned by Jonathan Lugod
Boost Logic Billet Oil Pan
Titan upper and lower transmission brace and solid transmission mounts

-Recaro RS-G ASM Limited Ruby Racing Drivers Seat with Recaro Adapter and Slides ($2200)

-Tecnocraft Carbon Fiber Racing Passenger Seat with Planted GTR bracket. ($2000)

-Seibon Dry Carbon Fiber Hood with Gloss Black Wrap ($2500)

- Seibon dry carbon fiber trunk with 72.25” x 14.25” AJ Hartman Aero single element race wing with removable wicker bill and Ciro Design wing struts and mounts with 2 different heights. ($3500)

- Finspeed F10 19X12.5 front and rear wheels with Hoosier H20 325/30/19 ($5000, subtract $1000 without tires)

- Jongbloed 19X13 front and rear wheels with lightly used Hoosier A7 345/30/19 ($3800, subtract $800 without tires)
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood
Handwriting Font Rectangle Audio equipment Electric blue
Wheel Tire Cloud Vehicle Sky
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Plant Car seat cover
Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle
Bumper Tool Hand tool Automotive exterior Tongue-and-groove pliers
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle tire Tread
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
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