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If you're the type of person to keep things simple in search of perfection, I think you'll like this one. How do you take the already perfect GT-R and make it even better? You get a set of the R10 Deep Concave Monoblock wheels ordered for it in your choice of size, finish, width and slap them on your GT-R of course! Actually, I'm wondering why this car wouldn't come with this look from factory - maybe they'd sell too many!

We'd like to give a big thank you to Projex Design UK for making this possible, Valet Magic for doing such a great job detailing this beauty, NWVT Photography for these stupendous photos and of course GT-R Life member BND for choosing Strasse Wheels!

This GT-R was also featured on CarBuzz, check out the article here: Nissan GT-R Looks Sexy on Strasse Wheels

Wheel specs:
Strasse Forged R10 Deep Concave Monoblock
-20x10 / 20x12
-Titanium Brushed
-Custom GT-R Center Caps
-Race Prep Weight Reduction Chambers

Tire specs:
Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Let us know what you think! These wheels are available in any size, forging style and for any vehicle application!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to experience greatness and get a day to day update on all of our projects! Feel free to give me a call at (305)303-1190 or email me at [email protected] to inquire on a set of wheels. This wheel set up is available from 18" up to 24" for all vehicle makes and models!

Contact us by clicking on this link or simply visit the Strasse Forged Wheels site!

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