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It's been about a year now since my R35 returned from getting a ProEight and Sheptrans 2.5+ build at TopSpeed Motorsports and after having recently done my first runway event with it I figured it was about time to acknowledge the great job Cicio and the gang did with making my car reliable.

In the year since getting it back I've taken my car to the track twice (I've got a different cheaper car for regular track use lol), did a runway event, won a couple of car show trophies, and done several 500+ mile driving days in it. Except for some initial fine tuning after getting it back the car has needed little attention beyond basic maintenance and gas, running like clockwork throughout everything.

So thanks to TopSpeed Motorsports for building me a fast and reliable ride!

Here's a couple of videos of the car being used by my unskilled hands lol:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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