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For some, owning the fastest street-legal super car in the world is enough, but for a car enthusiast, the itch to modify is immediate. Take this brand new 2014 Nissan GTR in Gun Metallic that came in for exhaust upgrades as a prime example.

Here at SP Engineering we were lucky enough to get our hands on a 2014 GT-R. Thanks to the owner desperately wanting more power and sound from his R35. Our customer decided to go with the COBB non-resonated midpipe leading to a Titek Race exhaust. The result, a perfectly matched sound of refined elegance, but screaming bad-assery once the gas pedal is thrown down.

The burnt titanium tips of the Titek exhaust add a very nice touch against the Gun metallic paint and are immediately noticeable from the rear.

What really breaks this super car's sound loose though is the COBB non-resonated midpipe. It gives the car a very throaty yet smooth growl as well as frees up engine exhaust for more efficiency and power.

Our customer also upgraded to HKS drop-in filters for an increase in airflow efficiency.We were excited to get our hands on this 2014 model. This is because the 2014 has been tweaked and re-engineered, all with the goal of creating an even greater connection between a comfortable daily driver and a track driven beast.

In regards to the daily driver aspect, Nissan has worked hard on improving the interior to create a more refined and elegant feel. The combination of carbon fiber, leather, and suede create a very sporty and luxurious feel. One of the most substantial updates is the white stitching that adorns the cabin, from the door panels, to the seats, and gauge cluster hood. For those interested, a new Premium Interior Package is offered now which includes Red Amber semi-aniline leather seats with hand stitching. This Red Amber looks fantastic based off the photos we've seen, potential buyers should keep that option in mind if you're seeking added flare.

Once Nissan felt the daily driver aspect was further improved, they moved right along to the part of this super car that matters the most; performance.

Nissan improved upon the following:
  • An orifice to the relief valve is added to the turbo bypass to maintain a stable amount of boost pressure for a more consistent amount of time at higher revolutions
  • Improved circulation of engine oil by using an oil pan baffle better stabilizes the oil and helps reduce the internal friction on the motor
  • All GTR engines are built by one person's hands, from start to finish, proven by a plaque with the name of the worker who assembled in
  • Suspension bushing were adjusted to reduce the car's center of gravity
  • Shock absorbers and front stabilizer were revised to further in this reduction
  • Camber bolts have also been installed on the front suspension to improve camber accuracy and higher maintainability of alignment settings
  • Dunlop sport Maxx GT600 tires offered exclusively for the GTR
  • Reinforcements were also added in the dash panel bar and instrument panel member to increase body rigidity

While horsepower and torque numbers havent changed, the 2014 model has improved with better high-speed stability, a refined ride quality, and most importantly, improved Nürburgring lap time of 7:18:6. A lap time more than 20 seconds faster than the lap time that the 2007 model GTR produced. These are some very obvious gains, so its easy to see why this owner purchased a 2014 GTR the moment it was available. Unfortunately, the owner was unable to complete his upgrades with our SPE650 package. This is because COBB has yet to finish figuring out all the engine and transmission control changes for the 2014 model year, although there have been reports that they are getting close, and have even begun testing on their own in-house 2014. Once COBB has officially released their AccessPORT for the 2014 model year the owner will surely be back in, as tuning the GTR with the already installed upgrades can see gains of over 130 awhp on pump gas.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our SPE packages, as well as further information on modifying the new 2014 GTR, please contact Alex ([email protected]) or Eugene ([email protected]).

Thanks for looking.

- SP
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