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This is a re-post of my review in the Vendor Review sections but I really want us California GTR owners to know if you don't go to that section.


The level of professionalism from FFTEC is definately amazing. Most people already know of them by seeing all of their Evo's and BMW's winning majority of the races. I'm pleased to say that now every GTR coming from them will continue on their legacy.

Sean, Antohony and the rest of the crew at FFTEC are definately passionate about what they do and it really shows. They are truly an amazing team and just the best people to meet and be around. Super out going, easy to conversate with and above all they really show that the customers satisfaction is their goal, which they've proven to me.

Now if you've met me before you'd know I'm always working with very little time. Sean and Anthony both understood that as they to are in the same boat. So amazingly enough, they said I can drop the car off a night before the scheduled tune and they'd tune my car throughout the night and I can pick up early morning once I'm off work. Now that already had impressed me. Once they said that I was already planning a date to drop the car off but my concern was getting back to work and back to FFTEC. Another shocker, they ofered to take me back to work and when they finished the tuning, they'd drop the car off to my work place. Man... Thats somethig again I did not expect and couldn't refuse.

After a little mishap with their software they were finally able to get me in for a tune. (Was not a long wait for the issue, and they kept me updated throughout the days until the issue was resolved) I finally brought my car to them. Upon arriving I see nothing but "competition" for our cars on the streets and was just amazed. I was even more impressed with their fabrication area where they build all of their products in house. All the staff members were very heart warming and made me feel comfortable leaving my car there without hesitation.

After the paper work is signed and we discuss the type of tune I want I get ready to leave for work, 4pm. While working i'm obviously thinking of how my car is doing. That issue was quickly addressed as Anthony kept me updated throughout the night. Now as a shop I thought closing times was it and i'd wait for the next day. Well that did not happen. Its now 3am and I'm still getting emails from Anthony updating me on the progress. I wish they can see the smile on my face. That alone showed me how truly dedicated Sean and Anthony really are. 5am, Anthony informs me the tune is almost done. I asked if its ok if I head out there so I can take my car home right away after the tune, and of course they welcomed me with open arms.

Upon ariving at 6am my car is still on the dyno!!! Now I'm speechless. I left the car there at 4pm and its still on the dyno. They really wanted each of my maps perfect as can be and they all are amazing and just mind blowing. My car is a completely different beast! I came in with x amount of power and needed a re-tune after some upgrades and they definately got more power then I'd expected. Seeing another members built motor by FFTEC at a previous GTR meet, I wanted to give them a shot and I am glad I did!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FFTEC MOTORSPORTS to any other GTR's around here looking for a tune or a compelte engine build. They have more then just the knowledge of tuning, the cars behavior and build, they have heart for what they do and it really shows. I can not be more satisfied with what they've done.

Even after finishing the tune, i'm already feeling bad they spent the night on my car and Sean still needs to go home and get his son ready for school, Anthony tells me to take the car for a test rune, see how I like it. Man... Just speechless with how the car is. Even after the tune, they remind me if anything were to change or issues arrive, call or text anytime and they'd address it. Which they did as I ran into an 02 sensor issue later and litterally a few minute later they send me another map with the issues addressed and no more codes for me :D

Again, FFTEC Motorsports, and amazing group of people and company. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone for any reason, regardless of the car, they treat each car as their own.

Thanks again guys,
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