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My car always looked dirty, even after washing it. Then when I took a closer look, I realized it was oxidation! I'm not sure, but it might even have been the corrosive dust from the CL brake pads I was using. It was only on the sides, not the trunk, spoiler, or roof.

Anyway, I went to a detailing shop and found a professional compound made for clear coat finishes. In the photo, the part of the door above the crease has already been treated with the compound, using a Porter-Cable orbital polisher and a 50 ppi yellow cutting pad. Note the bottom part that had yet to be done. Now the whole car has been done. Next is to polish with a black 80 ppi polishing pad followed by wax application with a microfiber bonnet. More pics once the car is done! Hopefully only one more day.

Of note, some parts of the car were so bad that I had to apply the compound three times to get down to a clean finish!

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