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.:Seller Info:.
Seller: Joshua Michel
[email protected]
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada, S4A 2L7
1995 Toyota Supra TT 6-speed
34,106 original miles
VIN#: JT2JA82J9S0028915
Asking Price: $75,900 CDN
Clean Vehicle History
No Liens
For questions regarding the sale of this car, please send me a PM or e-mail to the address listed in my seller info.
It is an original USDM Twin Turbo 6-speed Supra. Black/Tan was the original exterior/interior color scheme, respectively.
I purchased this Supra in March of 2008 in San Antonio, Texas from SF member "Cursed" (Adam). It had ~32,500 original miles on it at that time. Current mileage is 34,106 miles
I've owned it for 3 ½ years now and it has been a flawless car whether driving it in stock form or the modified state as it sits now.
In April of 2010, the car was transported down to Austin, Texas where Chris Johnson of Performance Motorsports transformed the stock Supra into the highly modified street Supra you see today. In September of 2010, the Supra was picked up from Austin, TX. Completely tuned, mechanically sound, aesthetically stunning.
I am very picky when it comes to the modifications and maintenance of my Supra. Aside from Chris Johnson and the select few who worked with him on the build, I am the only other person to have worked on this car.
The car is tuned for 91 octane pump gas and VP C16 race fuel, making 575 RWHP and 858 RWHP respectively for each fuel.
The car has all of the original panels and all of the original paint - all of which were professionally wetsanded and buffed when it was in Austin, Texas. The front bumper is a new 1995-style bumper which was painted OEM black to match the rest of the car. I have the original bumper which will be included with the sale. I swapped bumpers because the original had a licence plate holder. The new one does not.
The interior was changed to black (carpet only). The rear seat is still the original tan. My plan was to have it reupholstered in black alcantara to match the Bride seats, but I was unable to finding the right shop that was up to completing the task, so it remained as is.
The only mechanical note is that the A/C was not recharged after the build in at Performance Motorsports. It is fully functional, just not charged.
I have documented history of the maintenance of the car, as well as every receipt for the parts, modifications and labour since I've owned the car.
There are about 350 miles on the motor. It was broke-in on the dyno and I've done 2 oil changes since then (about every 175 miles). It is ready to change over to full synthetic. Cold starts are perfect and the idle settles at around 1200 RPM after the engine is warmed up.
As a side note, there are about 350 miles on all of the parts installed on the car. Every part was installed at the same time, so they all have the same amount of miles on them as the motor.
I have only used C16 since I brought the car back from Texas, varying between my two preset boost settings of 17 and 31 PSI.
The car has never been tracked. There is not, nor has never been, a cage installed.
When the car is not in use, it resides in thermostatically controlled garage. During the winter months, it is placed on jack stands, under a satin car cover and a battery tender on float mode in the same heated garage, out of the elements.
That sums up the general details. For a more in depth look at the car (pictures, videos, specs) , please go to my "Member's Rides" page at the following link:

There are a plethora of build-progress pictures that were taken by Chris Johnson during the build in the above link, so be sure to check it out.

***Additional items being included with the sale of the car:
- Misc. tools (spanner wrench, lug nut socket, allen wrench)
- OEM Spare Tire and Tools
- All Manuals for aftermarket parts.
- Toyota Supra Owners Manual

Vid of 837 RWHP dyno run:
Vid of 858 RWHP dyno run: [media]

HRE 893R with brushed centers, polished lips
19x11 (Rear)
19x9.5 (Front)
Toyo R888 305/30R19 (Rear)
Nitto INVO 265/30R19 (Front)
KW Variant 3 Coilovers
Titan Front and Rear Sway Bars
Front: StopTech 13.1" BBK with silver calipers, slotted rotors, StopTech pads and SS lines
Rear: StopTech OE replacement slotted rotors, Hawk HPS pads, Goodridge SS lines, silver painted OEM calipers
Tilton TSR-1 Brake Fluid
TRD 6-speed LSD
Performance Motorsports custom driveshaft
RPS Triple Disc Carbon Clutch
OEM Getrag V160 Transmission
Titan Motorsports Differential Ear Mounts
Turbocharger/Exhaust Components
Full Race T4 Twin Scroll Dual Wastegate manifold with black jet hot coating
Garrett GTX4294R with polished compressor housing
Garrett 1.28 A/R exhaust housing with black jet hot coating
Twin Tial 44mm MV-R Wastegates with 0.9 BAR Springs
Black jet hot coated wastegate dumptubes
Performance Motorsports 4" downpipe with black jet hot coating
Performance Motorsports 4" midpipe with black jet hot coating
HKS Carbon Ti Exhaust
Graduated 4" coupler to connect mid pipe to HKS Exhaust via v-band
OEM Intake Manifold
OEM Throttle body
Greddy 4-row Intercooler
Tial Q BOV
Koyo Radiator
TRD 160 degree Thermostat
New OEM Fan Shroud
Polished Upper Radiator pipe
CP Pistons 0.020" 8.5:1 CR
Carrillo H-Beam Connecting Rods
Clevite H bearings
ARP Main Studs
Performance Motorsports modified oil pump
ATI Crank Damper
Unorthodox Racing pulleys for power steering, alternator and water pump
Boost Logic Timing Belt Tensioner
MVP Motorsports Upper shock arm
HKS Timing Belt
New OEM Power Steering Pump
New OEM Water Pump
New OEM Oil Pump
TRD Engine Mounts
NGK 4644 Spark Plugs
Headgames fully built head:
HKS 272 Intake and Exhaust Cams
Ferrea dual valve springs
Ferrea stock size valves
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
Ferrea Lockers
Ferrea Keepers
Shimless buckets
ARP 7/16" L19 head studs
OEM Cam Gears
Fuel System
Titan Fuel Rail
ID 1000 Injectors
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Dual Walbro Fuel Pumps
New OEM Toyota Fuel Filter

Bride Stradia Japan seats
Bride Type RO Seat Rails
New OEM black carpet
Alpine 9886 Head Unit
Rockford Fosgate 10" Stage 1 Power series subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate P-500 Amplifier
Kenwood front and rear speakers
Engine Management/Electronics
Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 EMS w/ PnP harness
AEM 3.5 BAR MAP Sensor
AEM AIT Sesnor
Defi Advance CR Control Unit with Oil, Fuel and Boost Pressure Gauges
Blitz SBC-i Color Boost Controller
FJO Wideband with 52mm gauge
TRD 10,000 RPM Tachometer
1998 Style Headlights
1998 Style turn signals
New OEM 1995 front bumper without licence plate holder with single stage OEM paint
Complete wetsand and buffing of original OEM paint on all other panels of the car
MVP Motorsports Front Lip (Painted factory black)
TRD Oil Cap
Titek Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
Titek Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plate
Polished Intake Manifold
Polished Throttle Body
Polished Compressor Housing
Polsihed Valve Covers
Polished Power Steering Reservoir
Greddy Radiator Cap

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Beautiful car, good luck with the sale. Chris Johnson is the man. I used to have a '95 TT Supra and worked with him on a few projects with the car back in 2000. I just saw SW last week in one of his 430s


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Thanks guys.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chris Johnson and Performance Motorsports, he has been building some of the cleanest and fastest Supras on the planet for over 10 years. He was paired up with Boost Logic for a number of years, having a big part in creating some of the quickest and fastest Supras in the world - some which were running consistent low 8-second 1/4 miles times and others that were running 230+ MPH in the standing mile. SW's standing-mile Supra was a testament of Chris' elite skillset, as it was piloted to 246 MPH.

He also shared his skills with American Racing Technology - a Viper shop just outside of Austin , TX. And the latest being Cobb Tuning in Austin, TX.

For those interested in this Supra, rest assured, this is a one of a kind Supra built by the most meticulous hands in the industry.

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I love seeing these old supras back from the mid 90s that us rx7 guys used to pick on :). Very very nice build. Im afraid at 90 you may be hanging onto it a while. Thanks for showing to us. Best of luck with the sale.

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No kidding, this is a beautiful car...

But for the money, I'd rather have my GT-R!

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$90k Canadian = $90,085 USD

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Some people have approached me, inquiring if I would exclude the additional items from the sale and focus the sale on the car itself and adjust the price. (Refer to post #1). In response, I have removed some of the additional items and adjusted the price accordingly.

I also have another local guy who is interested in buying my sub and amp. If the sale goes through, I will adjust my asking price accordingly once again.

Note>>> I will not be parting out any other items from the car aside from the sub and amp.


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