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for the past couple years i had heard about petit le mans from friends and how awesome it was but had never gotten the opportunity to go. this year, nissan is fielding an LMGT prototype car (driven by the winner of the PS3 Gran Turismo 5 challenge winner currently on Speed channel) as well as Brass Monkey's nismo 370z. because of this, nissan offered a hospitality suite to support their racing efforts. members of NAGTROC,, and most of the Z1 Motorsports shop crew attended and we all had a great time. pit tours, food, drinks and other exclusives were included. i was very happy with my results from this event and that's making it hard to pick favorites so be sure to check out the entire album of pictures!!


Petit Le Mans 2011 - JPMcG Photography


1. the CTS-V race cars were a wonder to behold (and hear!)

2. traffic jam!

3. racing takes a toll on wheels

4. the view over to the pits from nissan's hospitality booth

5. one of the Ferrari Scuderia cars coming down the front stretch, a thing of beauty!

6. BMW's cars were mighty impressive too

7. the Audi R18 V6 TDI's were stuuuuuupid fast! this one was damaged early in the race but later fixed sometime after lunch

8. sometimes it would get crowded heading into turn 6

thanks for looking!

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Great shots!
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