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i was finally able to catch up with my pictures from weekend before last at the Mid-Ohio Grand Prix. i was shooting, once again, for the DWW Motorsports 370z team racing in the GTS class. after having rented the 300mm prime for the previous race in detroit, i really missed it here. i'm going to have to break down and add it to my collection methinks... regardless, i was pretty happy with my results overall, take a look and enjoy!



1. the new Viper GTS-R debuted at this race, here's a shot of it during friday morning's practice

2.brian started the weekend on a staggered tire setup (285/305 iirc) on RPF1's

3. but then switched to a square 305 setup during qualifying, the front set on PF01's

4. brian posing with the team's flag girl for the weekend, Shannon Hill

5. almost a repeat shot from the race in detroit, Mike Galati and Jack Baldwin wheel-to-wheel around The Key

6. you haven't lived till you've heard these three caddy's roll past you at full bore

7. Randy Propst set the pole and led every lap of each race followed by teammate Alex Figge, then the 3-4-5 of Caddy's Jordan Taylor, Johnny O'Connell and Andy Pilgrim

8. the second race was a bit of a wet one... and by "a bit" i mean "a lot" lol

thanks for looking! plenty more in the album, as usual!
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