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After missing the race in Long Beach, I caught back up with Brian Kleeman and the rest of the team at the picturesque Barber Motorsports Park outside of Birmingham, AL a couple weekends ago.

Upon arrival I was informed there was still a wiring issue with the car causing it to cut throttle and in some cases cut off completely. The team was tearing the car apart trying to get it running but things were not looking good. Brian went out for the morning practice and the car did great at first but then started cutting out and finally died coming around "Charlotte's Web" so he pulled off behind a barrier, safe for the rest of the session to be towed back to the paddock. He attempted to baby the car through the qualifying session that afternoon after we changed a few sensors hoping we'd solved the issue. Unfortunately the issue only shows up while on track at high speed. Simply revving it in the pits, the car acts normally.

Despite his best intentions the car died just before pit in and he had to pull off during the qualifying. We stayed up till after midnight that evening working on the car, rewiring the top of the motor but our efforts proved futile as he was only able to complete one lap under green during the race the following day. To save the car, we didn't even try to take it out for the second race of the weekend.

Needless to say, I don't have many track pics of the Z but there are plenty of everyone else so please look through the album at your leisure!


PWC Alabama Grand Prix '14 - JPMcG Photography


1. practice prep

2. battling an Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4 car for a corner during practice

3. Brian is getting a new helmet made, this may be the last time I see this one. I like it a lot, reminds me of Senna's colors

4. Brian discussing options with the crew before qualifying

5. The flowers were in full bloom around the track making for some nice color in the backgrounds

6. Working late into the night

7. Lined up and ready for race staging

8. The always lovely Nicole, a Z/G enthusiast herself, helped us as our flag girl for the race

The car has since been going through some changes at Z1 Motorsports. It's now sporting a new livery which we will be debuting next week at ZdayZ. The next race is the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle at the end of the month. Stay tuned, I'm headed to that one as well! As always, thanks for looking and please leave a comment!
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