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Hello guys!
Here is the sad story,
I just bought my first GTR, Its a 2010, It has 31k miles, 10 days ago.
Last week there was a bad storm here and I couldn't see 3ft in front of me an the worst happened, a crash.
I had the car for a week and didn't have time to take it to the insurance company to do a walk around to have it full covered so I have to fix it from my pocket.
Sadly I spent all my money on the car thats why im here to know if you guys have used parts, or know some people or sites where I can get used stuff for a good price.

This is what I need to get so far:

Fender (left side, driver side);
bumper cover;
radiator support;
drivers airbag;
(and some other little things you might know better than me that comes along with a front collision).

PLease, my contact is 4084096533 and let me know anytime of anything.
I am In Florida (Deerfield Beach, FL 33442)

VERY very much appreciated.

follows the images of the car.


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Glad you are ok from the accident. Your best bet would be to check the marketplace for any used parts which are updated daily.

If you are interested I do have a white CBA front bumper. Send me a PM if you are interested.

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