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Zac, the wait is over The ALPHA 10 service on your 2012 GT-R is complete and shes ready to be picked up!

A little while ago Zac walked into our showroom inquiring about doing an ALPHA 9 package to his new 2012 GT-R. We talked over the options and in addition to the ALPHA 9 estimate I gave him he also wanted an ALPHA 9 to 10 estimate. After showing his wife the info she replied with "well why don't you just do ALPHA 10 in the first place and save some money doing it twice?" Talk about a keeper!

Shortly after that Zac confirmed the build and Tim Salefski our in house engine builder began working up an engine for him. Zac then dropped his baby off and our technician Eric Jones was put to work. The slated modifications for the car were as follows:

AMS ALPHA 10 Turbo kit
AMS ALPHA 3.8 Race engine
AMS CNC ported ALPHA cylinder heads
AMS Spec ALPHA cams by Kelford
AMS ALPHA fuel system and injectors
AMS ALPHA fuel rail kit with regulator
AMS Spec Exhaust including HKS Legamax rear section
AMS Front mount intercooler
AMS ALPHA induction kit with MAP sensors
AMS Spec Shep Trans ALPHA 10 transmission service
Dodson Pro Max clutch kit
AMS CF roof
Volk Te37 Super laps and M&H drag radials (Track wheels)
PWJDM rear carbon seat deletes

Here are some build shots

ALPHA 10 Turbo system

ALPHA Fuel Rail kit being installed

ALPHA 10 Engine complete and ready to make power

AMS Carbon fiber roof, it looks so clean in person

Time for Chris and Mitch to go to work

Chicago land residents if you see this in your mirror, please move over

Our guys hard at work cleaning Badfish for delivery

A common view for most in the days to come

All Done!

On the schedule of future things to do Zac and his wife has a SLEW of CF goodies waiting for the car many of which are inbound from Japan.

It all translates into one super unique and VERY fast GT-R

Final WHP numbers were pretty impressive.

ON a very conservative 93 octane in some pretty nasty heat on the pump gas file was just shy of800WHP!
On an equally conservative C16 race gas file at only 29lbs 1029WHP!!!

Zac and his wife have so aptly named this car Badfish after the very well known Sublime song.

In the words of Zac

"The song is about love and addiction. In our case we are in love with the GT-R and addicted to the exhilarating feeling of acceleration. A Badfish is slang for a person who introduces someone else to something addicting. The Alpha 10 is our Badfish

Zac we hope badfish brings you and your wife enjoyment for years to come and on behalf of everyone at AMS welcome to the ALPHA family and the 1000whp club!


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congrats for zac and his wife .
I am planning to do the same when i get my job (after finishing my bachelor degree) ^^. Dayum, I keep counting the days.

good job record breakers... keep the excellent work !

Hamdan from UAE

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Congrats on the great build Zac

Enjoy your beast with your wife on your side :p

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AMS Carbon fiber roof, it looks so clean in person
How do you replace the roof? Is that a big deal?

Very cool build by the getting just got a 100 times more fun :)

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great numbers there! congrats bud! let me know how it feels. get a drive in before you send it off for more sweet stuff before winter comes up!

#AMS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing job by AMS, enjoy your new Alpha Badfish with your wife.

Vids please..

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With every build thread comes increased jealousy... Sigh...
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