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Visconti Tuning was first introduce Performance Based Traction Control for the GTR using the factory ECU - this was over two years ago and using Phase 3 RaceRom!

Since then we've learned a lot about what makes a car move from a stop and maintain an ideal amount of grip.

Similar to our first traction control strategy this reduces power based on calculated wheel slip.

Wheel Slip is now calculated differently which allows traction control to work better during both low and high speeds.

With the addition of Rolling Cylinder Cut / Deactivation and Throttle Body Control our traction control responds faster and is simply more effective.

Just as before our traction control system can be made adjustable on-the-fly but most will find our carefully calibrated default settings work perfect.

In this video we setup a R35 GTR's Launch Control too aggressive for the tire and surface the car is driving on to generate wheel spin.

We then activate our Custom Performance Traction Control and find that during the same conditions the car's 0-60 dramatically improved.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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