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As the topic suggests - can anyone let me know where I can get the best prices (also how much) for :
1. Full set - Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST
2. Full set - Bridgestone RE070R R2

Wanted to survey and see if the prices in Singapore are better ...

Also - which do you all think is a better tire. My priority is :
1. Handling
2. Tire wear (longer better)
3. Quietness



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I'm using the Runflats and I think its the Bridgestone..

In my personal opinion, it's best for you to ask the tyre shop such as Leong Seng or H-Tyre.

I believe my tire wear Front can only last abt 10,000? and rear abt 15,000..

For noise wise, I don't care much because my car is already noisy...

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I just bought the newest Dunlops a few weeks ago. I think they may be slightly quieter and they may ride slightly better too. In my short experience, they do not appear to be significantly grippier.

They seem very good so far...but not clearly enough better to justify such a large price difference from the R2s. I think it is probably hard to be the R2s for wear, grip, and price (relatively speaking of course)

I will report back once I hit the track.

I bought them at's a rebate too!
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