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Hey guys,

Here is my PSM Dynamic Widebody GT-R. This kit took almost 2 years of development, lots of hard work and patience. All fenders, and all aero parts are Carbon Fiber, the kitwas designed, tested, and is produced in Long Beach, California. This is my first time posting the car on GTRLife in this state and would love to hear everyone's feedback! The kit is not 100% done.

Current Mod List

  • AMS Alpha 7 Kit
  • 3 Piece MV Forged MF20 Performa+ Wheels
  • AirLift Performance 3P Air Suspension
  • AMS Downpipes
  • IPE Midpipe & Rear Section
  • Studio RSR Half Cage
  • PSM Dynamic Widebody Kit
  • Toyo R888R Tires

Future Mod List

  • Custom Headlights
  • AMS Intake Manifold
  • New Race Seats
  • Interior Alcantara
  • New Steering Wheel
  • Custom Titanium Exhaust

Follow up more on the build by checking out my instagram @ Anttt_k or the creators of the kit @ PSM_Dynamic

Thank you for coming by and taking your time to read about my build. Please leave your feedback; good or bad. Take care all! Happy New Year!


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Unique kit. 馃憤

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Are you leaving the back alone or are you developing a wing?
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