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question for those who've used safelite (windshield repair)

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How did you do it? I've talked to 3 different representatives and they all think I'm crazy or stupid. Apparently the GT-R isn't listed in their computers, nor is it listed on their website. They keep insisting that the car is a 370z when I repeatedly tell them it's not (politely). I don't blame them for not knowing what the GT-R is, but at the same time I wonder how some of you were able to use them? Seems like they won't proceed since the car is not listed in their system. I've also provided the VIN number but still nothing.

I need my windshield replaced and I prefer to only go through safelite for the timing being. Unless someone from the Southern California area can recommend a reliable shop to do the work? Thanks
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I wouldn't use them, find a private glass shop that knows what they are doing, I believe PPG is the glass brand that is supposed to be best for replacement windshields.

I had safelite replace the windshield on my G37. The glass itself had waves in it towards the top, and a really rough sharp cut around the edges. Installation really depends on who's doing it, but whoever did my car didn't put the gaskets back right, looked like they glued them back in.
Try and find someone in Ca that has done a few of them. There are a few things that could get messed up if they do not know what they are doing.

Thanks for the advice guys. I will try and look for other windshield repair places in socal. I got the idea of using safelite as per recommendation in the thread I made in the California section
I always try and stay with OEM glass for the part itself. Most dealerships do not replace windshields; they will farm the install out BUT mandate use of their own glass.
Definitely going to be replaced with OEM glass, especially on this car! I've read that members who've used safelite just had them order the windshield directly from Nissan and then did the install when it came in. I think that may be the only option I have right now...
^^^ This is what I did. My windshield needed replaced and my insurance (Geico) contracts with Safelite. The person I spoke with had also told me that the GT-R was not in their system, but didn't try to make the car something it wasn't (ie., 370Z). They simply said that since the car wasn't in their system they'd need to order the windshield from Nissan and would notify me when they had it so I could set up an appointment. They secured a genuine Nissan GT-R windshield within a few days and then called me to set up an appointment. They did the replacement in my driveway in about an hour and did a fantastic job.

From the above, I simply deduced that if a car was in their system, that meant that the stock a replacement. If not in their system, then they need to order a replacement from the manufacturer. There was no special person I had to speak to so this could get done. The first representative I spoke with was able to make it happen.

Good luck!
Got mine replaced at Paulee Auto Body on La Cienega near Olympic. Perfect job.
I've always added the optional "glass insurance" with a 0 deductable to my policy. It costs like $20 a year. Replaced the $800 window on my qx56 and Tundra already! Way way worth it. Call your insurance agent and find out.
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