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Questions about my 2010 GTR

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Hello GTR owners,

1. I have picked up my GTR recently. When i drive the car last night, it feels like the car jerk at very low speed even at automatic mode. Like...when you try to accelerate from a stop, it "jerk" a bit when you don't push the gas hard enough. But if you step on the gas pedal harder, the 'jerk" goes away. Same thing as backing up in Reverse, it jerks a bit, too. Just like a newbie trying to get the sweet spot in a stick shift car. Is that normal?

2. I can hear the car up shift and downshift in AT mode. I can heard rattling noise and the "click". Is that normal as well.
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I believe your 2010 is operating normal.

Things to consider are:

Your next POS with Nissan make sure to mention mention to calibrate the transmission touch points. This is at no cost to the customer if it's in recommended time interval. This will help with your gears changing. It did with me.

Also the sounds are normal. "ultra light fly wheel / hearing the transmission change gears / breaks chattering at low speeds over bumps.

My first transmission Fluid change made the gear changing feel smoother as I left the dealer.
Thank you very much guys. My car currently has 11k miles. When is the next POS? Besides POS, should I do everything the dealership tells me to do?
Congrats on your purchase! Those sounds/jerks sound normal to me. I would suggest googling "2010 GTR Service and Maintenance Guide" and downloading it. It will tell you all about service intervals, POS, etc.
Sounds normal. It can happen when the car is shifting down a gear at the moment you decide to press the gas. It's smoother if you drive it more like a manual. That is, you'll soon learn to time the gas at the sweet spots (before a downshift etc.) just by the sound of the engine rev and transmission winding. Similar with reverse except that it's more a difference in engine speed versus transmission speed, smooth input is better. You sort of become attuned to your GT-R.

Words of advice, when at very low speeds, sometimes the gas pedal doesn't seem to do anything but pressing further may cause it to jump or jerk as if it was starving for fuel earlier or perhaps the clutch disengaged momentarily. If you are in close proximity to something, it could be unpleasant if you are not fast enough to press the brakes. Instead, just hold the brake pedal down and give it a bit of gas to blip or prep the engine and to re-engage the clutch, then slowly let go of the brakes to move forward or backward, the gas pedal should be responsive again. You will get used to it and no longer think about it. If it does continue to bother you, having the touch points adjusted could help.
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You can go to a dealer and ask to have the transmission relearn performed. That will recalibrate things. You can also ask the them to adjust the clutch touch points and capacities to your liking. That will change the way the car feels when you leave from a stop and when it shifts, and you can find settings that you like more.
if your at 11K your next POS should be in 1000 Miles (12K).. or if it has already been 12 months the POS might have already been done.. check with your dealer
I had the same trouble. Tap this throttle once to get the transmission to engage, Then press the gas again and it will go. After a few days it became normal for me to tap the throttle in those situations. As stated above the dealer adjustments of touch points will help with this.
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