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I've been trying to get information on a used 2015 GTR I'm looking at purchasing to see if it has any extended service plans from the previous owners active and I've been running into nothing but road blocks.

The first issue is the Nissan dealer that it's at is claiming they didn't know anything about extended service plans from nissan and they don't know how to check to see if it has one, so I then proceeded to call a friend of mine that works at another Nissan dealership as a sales rep and he gave me the same statement. He didn't even know Nissan offered an extended warranty from the factory and at his dealer they use a 3rd party warranty service.

I then called Nissan corporate hoping I could get something out of them and they refused to give me any information because it was a GTR and directed me over to the GTR hotline. I then called the GTR hotline and got two different stories from two different people. The first one stated they couldn't give me any information on if the car had a extended service policy because the title wasn't in my name, even though it was sitting forsale at a nissan dealership. I then asked if I did buy the car how would I go about transferring it over if extended service policy existed and the person I was speaking to transferred me to another department. When I posed the question about transferring the warranty over again I was told very coarsely by this new rep that the warranty is non-transferable and if I wanted an extended service policy I would have to purchased it again.

That didn't sit right with me so I called another dealer that's local to me and I was told the same thing, the extended warranty is non-transferable between parties.

I think I'm starting to see why nissan is having a hard time selling these cars and it isn't because of the price, their customer service is extremely poor to say the least. When I purchased my ZL1 Camaro Chevy was more than happy to let me know it had an extended warranty from the previous owner and helped me transfer it over to my name. Hell I didn't even purchase it from one of their dealers I purchased it directly from the previous owner and they still helped.

My question is first is the extended service plans from Nissan transferable and if so how do you go about telling if there is already one active on a car?
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