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R35 GTR Tubi Style Titanium Exhaust

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Tubi Style is not a common name that is thrown around in the GTR community but is very common with euro manufacturers. Tubi is the go to for many Ferraris and Lambos but they also make a full titanium system for the GTR. I currently have a few of these in my warehouse that we are trying to move and are ready to give good discounts to any GTR Life members! This is a 90mm full titanium system and includes the Midpipe. This is specifically designed for the 2017+ with the factory valve control as it re-uses the OEM valve actuator. There is not many videos online for us to send to customers so I am able to give a good discount to members here in exchange for some quality before and after sound clips! Please shoot me a PM to go over pricing and details!

Austin Morris
480-966-3040 x283
[email protected]


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