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Only 4 at this price. In Stock ready to ship !

Completely hidden subwoofer kit which goes in the stock location and covered by the stock Bose cover. Supplied with a powerful monoblock class-D amp which can be hidden in the trunk behind the carpet.

Also comes with a plug and play lead which plugs directly into your existing loom for easy installation and no wires to be cut.

Kit comprises :-

- Kicker L7 8" Solobaric 450w Subwoofer in Custom GTR painted MDF Enclosure
- JL Audio JX500/1d 500w Monoblock Class-D amp
- Plug and play Lead
- 700w 4AWG power wire kit
- Fitting bolts/washers
- Instructions for fitting - takes about 3 hours

Special Offer of £490 Including 2 day Shipping to the USA/Canada (other countries please ask).
Works out approx US$625 depending on Paypal exchange rate on the day.

If you want to upgrade the JL Audio amp to a more powerful Hertz HCP1D with 700w RMS then its another £50 (Approx US$64)

If you want to upgrade the installed sub from the Kicker L7 to a Kicker Q-Class 500w monster then add £70 (Approx US$89)

Be aware I only have one JX500/1d amp available and only one Q-Class subwoofer so first come first served.

Suitable for US Model 2008-2014. Basically If you have the model with the lightning bolt headlights from new then this kit won't work.

Send me a PM if you are interested. Available immediately





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Andy can you make this box for me for 2 Morel 8" Ultimo Subs?
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