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Race Ramps is offering a $25 factory rebate on several of its most popular ramps purchased between October 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. The products that qualify for the rebate are

RR-56 - one-piece 56" service ramps
RR-56-2 - two-piece 56" service ramps
RR-XT - one-piece 67" service ramps
RR-XT-2 - two-piece 67" service ramps (shown in photo)
RR-TR-5 - 5" high trailer ramps
RR-TR-7 - 7" high trailer ramps
RR-TR-8 - 8" high trailer ramps
RR-FS - set of four Flatstoppers

In addition to the above part numbers, Heavy Duty RR-56, RR-56-2, RR-XT, RR-XT-2 service ramps and two-piece versions of the RR-TR-5 and RR-TR-7 trailer ramps are also eligible for the rebate offer.

The price for the RR-XT-2 two-piece 67" Race Ramps is $309 after the $25 factory rebate. Reverse Logic Limited prices include free shipping to any location in the Continental USA.

More details including the Factory Rebate Form are available here:



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