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GT-R Life is focused first and foremost on the GT-R ownership experience and we wish to maintain a high quality environment.

Therefore we have instituted a series of rules & criteria that must be met in order to offer a GT-R for sale on our forums

All threads and posts regarding GT-R'S for sale on this owners club are explicitly subject to Admin and Mod approval

Sellers - For the listing to be approved, the following requirements MUST be met:
Year, colour, location and price must be included in the topic title
*The listed car must be a R35 GTR
*Pictures of the R35 GTR must be provided
*At least one photo must be provided that shows your username with current date, handwritten on something with part of the R35 GTR in the picture.
*Asking price must be included along with what methods of payment you will accept
*VIN must be included
*No Ebay links or links to 3rd party website for sale ads are permitted

*Be respectful
*You may ask value-added questions regarding the item being sold or the seller himself/herself; You may also vouch for the seller if you either personally know him/her or have prior experience. No bumping.
*No negative feedback on price unless BOTH 1 the seller stated something specific that leads you to believe he/she is is open to understanding why there may not be any interest AND 2 you can provide evidence to support your view, based on prior trasaction prices. Regardless you must be respectful.
*Any negative/worthless comments will be deleted
*Do not derail the thread on personal affairs
*Buyer Beware - NAGTROC and or GTRLIFE will not be held responsible for any deals gone bad
*Buyers beware - Ask for car fax.

Do make sure you actually reply to the pm's that are sent * should the moderators receive a complaint that the Original poster who has started the for sale thread isn't replying then your thread will be locked.


Sellers do not give out to strangers your home address. Always meet at a safe location, IE a gas station or SuperMarket parking lot when conducting a sale. Same goes for buyers. Work with a vendor or shop that you trust regarding this when item is LOCAL PICK UP ONLY


Buyers do not send payment to someone outside of the usa using bank wire transfer unless you will be in person at that location for the transaction to take place, Conduct a bank wire transfer to business not a person.

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