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Refinishing calipers to prevent discoloration - anodizing, nickle plating?

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My calipers are looking pretty brown.... track days does that to ya. At some point I would like to get them rebuilt and refinished. But how to prevent them from discoloring again? For a reasonable cost, can I have them anodized? Nickel-plated? And would that prevent future discoloration? I don't mind doing them in a different color, like this Brembo GTR caliper, which I think is nickel-plated.

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Great topic! I would love to find a nice finish for these calipers than both protects and doesn't look like crap after a season of track use.

Paint your own-
Use the Dual Stage Epoxy based paint

Various finishes from Wilwood-

Clear anodized finish-

Some caliper color choices from Endless-!__brake-caliper/brake-caliper-color-line-up
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I would spend the money on something else if I were you...
Yep, No matter what you do, if you run them hard you are going to cook them.

You are going to have to pull them off to replace the seals, and get them serviced. Just have them refinished each time.
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