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Our good friend Ronan has been a long time customer of ours and we have helped add some of the best parts to his car for a couple years now. When he finally approached us to us to take his build to the next level we were ecstatic and determined to do so. After looking at several different body kit options, we settled on the Overtake dry carbon body, which not only transforms the look of the car but also sheds close to 400lbs.

Here is his car when it arrived...


Here is the car finished...



When we first received the car one of the first things we proceeded to do was the disassembly of the body panels. Since the Overtake dry carbon bits would be replacing all the existing panels, we completely stripped the entire car even the interior as Ronan opted for a custom interior loaded with more carbon fiber and alcantara.


All the windows were removed including the front and rear windshields. This is necessary to remove and replace the factory roof and for the quarter panels. The majority of the body panels are fairly straight forward to remove from the car, but one of the most challenging is the removal of the rear quarter panels as they are put in place by hundreds of tiny spot welds. Each weld is carefully drilled out to break the rear quarters free.


Once the rear quarters are removed, we weld between the seams to help increase chassis rigidity.



More pics to come soon...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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