We'd like to share a build that we completed a little while ago for a forum member overseas. Like every build we tackle, we like to get to know the customer before jumping in to the details of a program. One size certainly does not fit all. One of the great benefits of modifying a car is being able to end up with something tailored to your personal tastes and situation. What will please one customer will often be completely the wrong fit for another.

We call this build "Street Fighter" because because it's very much intended to be an extreme street car, but a true daily driver street car none-the-less. We steered clear of track-focused modifications. Similar to AMGfan's "Red Katana" project, one that we also collaborated with Switzer on, this is a car that can be daily driven and still perform like a world beater at the drag strip. In this case the customer has to deal with poor road conditions, poor fuel, and no local access to a reliable local tuner or GT-R tech, which meant that the car had to be as complete as possible the day it left, with little room for tweaks down the road (aside from adjusting the tune to the local pump gas which was completed by Switzer once the car was delivered to the customer).

After taking delivery of the car, it was sent to Switzer for engine and transmission upgrades. It was then returned to us as a fully built R1K, ready for all the supporting modifications which we carried out before preparing the car for export.

Base car: brand new 2013 GT-R

Gain possible performance while retaining reliability
Ability to perform well at the drag strip and on the daily commute
Utilize high quality proven components
Retain stock-like ride comfort and ground clearance
Get a more aggressive and unique look and sound, befitting the performance

Switzer R1K with Syvecs pump gas and race gas maps

Switzer/Sheptrans built transmission
Alcon CCX brake package
Powerhouse Amuse exhaust and mid pipe
Complete styling package featuring Wald, Carbon Dry Japan, RevoZport, MCR, Adv.1, Mine's, Garage Defend, and more
Custom GT-RR carbon work inside and out

We'll post some detailed shots of this beast soon! For now enjoy the video.

Thank you to RoninGTR and Switzer for your participation in this project!