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I was advised that running a tune for a different octane will hurt the car? Is that true can someone confirm this?

I'm getting the cobb system from REK125. He had a tune by Sean with AMS catted downpipe and HKS res midpipe and the car was stock but those two mods. The tune got 540hp and 530wtq.
I am getting the same parts for the same tune but I was advised by my installer that if that was tune for lets say 93 octane and Alaska only has 90 octane(Highest octane there is), running that tune will hurt the car and I would need a detune to 90octane.

Can anyone chime in?


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xoulu -

I'm no pro, but I have heard this many different times from tuners. To be more specific, any time your fuel changes, your tune should change as well. If you have multiple maps (which is what I suggest) you can switch when you have higher octane available. But for now, sounds like you need a new tune at 90 Octane.
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