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rusted rotors

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Are rusting rotors a big deal? I noticed them on my old cars and I just thought it was because I've always neglected my brakes, but now I'm also noticing them in my 2 week old GTR. Is there anything I can use to prevent this or is this just something one can't help? Thanks.
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I put like 1500 miles on it since Sept. 6. I am driving it.
no he means once you drive it the rust disappears... as in its normal
Use it as a daily driver...
Rust is normal especially if:

You have just washed your car and moisture collects on the rotor
You have been driving in the rain or in puddles/ standing water
You don't use your brakes much and take short trips

Pay no attention to the rust and keep on driving. Don't forget to use the brakes just for the fun of it.
High performance cars may use rotors with metal content, but metal can rust. Don't let rust stay on the rotors long. If they get wet, dry them immediately by warming them up with some hard stops in a safe place. Rust can cause the brakes to start squealing more.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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