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first, not asking for crazy parts or turbos lol. I've never askfor stuff or favors, thats not me. .. but honestly, the past month got me thinking. I know most GTR sponsors would go to ones who compete.. I'm targeting anyone to sponsor mostly Exterior/Interior parts.. why?

I don't compete/race..not yet lol.. however, I'm very active on Social Media with my personal Car accounts and GTR. I've got a fair amount of followers from several platforms, and get viral videos as well. I do reviews on all my aftermarket parts. I get a ton of daily messages from followers asking for advice or parts that I have.. and I end up referring them to "whichever" shop i dealt with.. I do all this for fun, never had a goal of fame or making money.

Anyways, lately been getting many messages from companies, asking to Sponsor me with some part to install take photos/videos and share my unique discount code with my network. Most of them even pay commission for each sale through me. Here is where it got to me... I'm positive I helped many stores in sales thru my referrals. I know because most followers come back thanking me / sending me photos of parts i recommended or sent them to. .. so heck why not right?

So now, I'm officially open to accepting any sponsorship from shops - ANYONE?? lol

Fair enough right??

My social Media Accounts: As of Feb 2, 2021

-Instagram GTR: 36.6K Followers - Link

-Tik Tok GTR: 35.5K Followers (video views last 28 days: 3.55 M) - Link

-YouTube: 7.66K Subscribers - Link

Current Sponsors:


-Shine Armor

-One Up Lighting

-Others - deals pending


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good luck brother.

as long as i've known you, you do have a lot of enthusiasm.
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